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International community - local culture

In Zug, global and local cultures combine uniquely. Integration and networking opportunities create a diverse community. Zug thrives on inclusive, open-minded charm.

Diversity unites: 143 nations in the Canton of Zug

Top 10 nations in Zug

Diversity unites: 143 nations in the Canton of Zug

In the Canton of Zug, people from 143 different nations live together, representing a remarkable cultural diversity. The vibrant mix of the international community enriches life in Zug and creates an open and multidimensional environment for all residents.

The Information and Advice Center for Migration (FMZ)

The FMZ team is available for consultations in 16 different languages and offers a variety of services such as.

The Newcomer Set extends a warm welcome to those arriving in Zug and offers important information on registering your residence with the local authorities. In case of an emergency, please refer to the emergency contact details. We hope you have a pleasant stay in Zug and that you will take advantage of the countless opportunities this region has to offer.


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The FMZ team offers a wide range of courses and events, such as "Grüezi Switzerland" and the "Back to Work Seminar". Explore the various opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge in these engaging programs. Take advantage of these valuable resources to make the most of your time in Zug and grow both personally and professionally. Whether you are a newcomer or a returning resident, there's something for everyone in these enriching courses and events.


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Language courses are available to assist you with integration. These language courses are designed to support your smooth transition into the community, enabling you to communicate effectively and feel at ease in your new surroundings. Whether you are looking to learn the local language or improve your English proficiency, these courses offer a great opportunity for personal growth and cultural enrichment.


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The host programme provides an opportunity to get to know the local culture and community. Participating in the host programme allows newcomers to immerse themselves in the rich traditions and customs, and the lifestyle of Zug. Through various events and activities, participants can build meaningful relationships with locals and fellow newcomers, fostering a sense of belonging and understanding. Joining the host programme is a great way to explore and embrace the vibrant spirit of Zug while making new friends and creating lasting memories.


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Clubs for the international community

In Zug, there are numerous opportunities to engage with both the local and international community and connect with other expatriates and Swiss natives.

Here are some examples of the many international clubs in Zug:

The Zug International Women's Club provides a welcoming community for women from diverse backgrounds to connect and socialize. Members of the club enjoy various activities and events that celebrate cultural diversity and promote friendship. It fosters a supportive environment where expatriates and locals can share experiences and exchange ideas.


Home - ZIWC

The International Men's Club in Zug offers a vibrant community for men of all backgrounds to get together and connect. Through a wide range of activities and events, members can celebrate diversity and build lasting friendships. This inclusive environment encourages expatriates and locals alike to share experiences, exchange ideas, and create a supportive network.


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The Business & Professional Women Club in Zug offers a dynamic platform for ambitious women from a variety of industries to come together and cultivate valuable connections. Through a wide range of business-focused events and networking opportunities, members can elevate their professional profiles, exchange industry insights, and forge strategic partnerships.


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All recognized international service clubs that provide valuable information to promote social welfare, community development, and humanitarian initiatives in the region.


Service Clubs in Zug


In the Canton of Zug, there are nearly endless opportunities to participate in sports. Take a look at the list of providers on Zug Portal Online to find the sport of your choice in your preferred community.

Here are just a few examples of athletic opportunities:

Zug takes pride in its popular ice hockey club, EVZ, which has won the Swiss Championship three times already (1998, 2021, 2022).


EVZ | EV Zug - Die offizielle Website

The Zug region is an ideal destination for hiking enthusiasts, with well-marked trails that lead through picturesque landscapes. The hills of Zugerberg and the Aegerital are particularly popular classic hiking areas.


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The Golfpark Holzhäusern with its 18-hole course offers a fantastic view of Lake Zug and the mountains. Furthermore, the Ennetsee Golf Club is an important association that strengthens the golf community through its events and offers.


Golfclub Ennetsee and Golfpark Holzhäusern

The Canton of Zug offers an extensive network of cycling and mountain biking trails, including the exhilarating Zugerberg Trail. This provides both locals and visitors with the opportunity to explore the stunning nature of the region on two wheels.


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Zug is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, offering an abundance of water activities with its attractive lakes. Here, you can swim, sail, stand-up paddle, and windsurf, enjoying the refreshing waters to the fullest.


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The Canton of Zug is home to an American football club and a rugby club, both fostering enthusiasm for these dynamic sports in the region. The rugby club, in particular, offers a vibrant community for rugby enthusiasts, providing opportunities to play with the oval ball and train alongside other passionate players.


Midland Bouncers and Home | Zug Rugby Club

The Hünenberg Unicorns are a baseball club that actively participates in the development and promotion of the sport in the Canton of Zug. By participating in local leagues and organizing events, the Hünenberg Unicorns help to strengthen the enthusiasm for baseball in the Canton of Zug and further consolidate the sports community.

The Zug Cricket Club offers cricket enthusiasts a platform to play and enjoy this fascinating sport. With tournaments, training sessions and events, the Zug Cricket Club helps to enrich the sports community.


Cricket | Zug Cricket Club


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